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With Covid-19 We Recall This Phrase:


God Does Not Prepare Blessings For You!

God Prepares You For The Blessings!

We Go Straight Up To What Real People Say

Not What Fake Actors Say!

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When You Have Legit Organic Energy; 
It Simply Means Your Immune System Is Working!

The Concept Of Totality

You Didn’t Get Sick In A Day.

So Don’t Expect To Be Healed In A Day Either!

Our Body's Ability To Heal Depends On

The Totality Of Our Diet & Nutrition, 
Posture, Medication, Exercise, Lifestyle,

Environmental & Genetic Factors!

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Nature’s Nutritional 
War Chest

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Nature Demands Equilibrium




60 year History of 
High-Tech Farming Excellence!

If you want:

  • Better Overall Health

  • Stronger Bones & Joints

  • Robust Immunity

  • Vitality 🏃‍ Strength 🏃 Stamina

  • Energy-Rich Omega Oils

  • Plant-Rich Proteins  

  • Overcome Digestive Discomfort

  • Skin Radiance

  • Quick Muscle Recovery

  • Healthy Gut Microbiome

  • Reduced Food Cravings

  • Good Collagen Synthesis

Look No Further - A Plant-Rich Superfood Called 
Dr PPARs® Is The Wiser Choice

It’s been dubbed “The Intelligent Superfood” because Dr PPARs takes Nutrient Absorption – Assimilation - Distribution & Toxin Elimination to a Whole New Level

The Ultimate Biohacker & Epigenetic Superfood Has Arrived!

It is a species of the Microscopic-Algae! Microalgae are planet earth’s most nutrient-dense food. The oldest plants that defied extinction from pre-historic times to present day multi-tasking superfood for the nutritional deprived! Microalgae are very important to the food chain, known as "primary producers", living organisms that convert sunlight & inorganic chemicals into usable energy for other living organisms. Serving as the main supply of "high energy" food for larger organisms like zooplankton, which in turn are eaten by small fish. Small fish are in turn eaten by larger fish, & both small & large fish are eaten by mammals, raptors, & humans. 

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This 3rd Generation Dr PPARs® also contains Whole Grapes Concentrate. Grapes contain

Flavonoids, Pterostilbene & Resveratrol

they’re a class of Polyphenols that act as antioxidants, neutralizing harmful free radicals that would otherwise damage cells.

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Beware of imitations. Please look for Dr in front of Dr PPARs® with our Singapore NUH Medical Address

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A Unicellular Microalgae Plant-Rich food - they are the fastest growing, photosynthesizing organisms on earth!

Microscopic algae are fantastic at folding & assembling complex & complete proteins, producing the highest quality, energy-rich oils or Omega 3s, with a full spectrum of essential phyto-nutrients, antioxidants, polysaccharides & phtyochenicals.

A metabolic 'Green-Dream-Diet' for all living things, young or old, sick or healthy in the strengthening of Immune Systems!

from Protecting 
Nourishing &

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Dr PPARs® Battle-Ready – The Unfair Advantage

Dr PPARs® has Ultra-Thin Cell Wall that requires the least energy to digest (approx 1-2 hrs). Research shows the quicker the digestion, the more energy reserved for internal & external battles! Assimilation Time For Meat – Fish 4-5 hrs Beef / Pork / Lamb – 8 hrs. Fried or Barbequed Meat – 12 hrs. Your body uses 20 to 30 percent more energy just to break down protein.

Other species of microalgae like chlorella pyrenoidosa / vulgaris  have thick cell walls & requires 5 hrs for the body to digest (some industry farmers apply heat to crack or pulverize the hard fibrous cell wall of chlorella resulting in at least 25% lost of precious nutrients).

Single-Celled Aquatic Giants
Perfect Nutritional Composition:

Protein : Carbs : Good Fats: 60:14:8

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*Individual results may vary


Bio-Energy Of Dr PPARs®:

Dr PPARs® is a Unicellular Microalgae Plant-Rich food - they are the fastest growing, photosynthesizing organisms on earth!

Let me show you the Awesome Bio-Energy Output of Dr PPARs®:
Corn or soy takes a full year to grow before they can be harvested, whereas normal microalgae in the market today can go from seed to harvest in just 2 days! An alga cell may produce over a million offspring in a single day. WoW! If you think that’s awesome. Check out The Astonishing
Dr PPARs® - It Produces 4 Harvests In A Single Day!

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Making it The King Species Of The Plant & Animal Kingdom!

So, if you’re looking for true Bio-Energy from a plant-source, Dr PPARs® is the real deal!

Bio-Energy = Clean Fuel Producing 
Balanced Energy Output  
A Robust Immune System! 

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Innate To Adaptive

Immune Responses

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The Scientific Reason Why Your Health Will Be Guarded Like A Fortress If You Perform A Few Simple Steps!

Dr PPARs® Induces Activation of Dendritic Cells through NF-kB & P13K/MAPK Pathways.

Dendritic Cells (DCs) are "sentinels" of the immune system. They “patrol” the body, seeking out foreign invaders, whether these be bacteria, viruses, parasites or cancer cells.

After “capturing” the invaders, dendritic cells “cut” them into smaller pieces & display the antigenic fragments on their cell surfaces, converting these antigens into complexes that can be recognised by helper T cells as well as the killer T cells, presenting to B cells & macrophages of the immune system to mount a response & destroy them.

Dendritic Cells are considered to be "Conductors of the Immune Orchestra.“

One Step Ahead Of The Enemy

If you feed your body with the right micronutrients – Dendritic Cells will be activated &, if you are committed to a stay-fit program, there is a chance that you already have a diet plan in place, complete with a workout regime, intermittent fasting & of course, add Dr PPARs® to the equation & see tremendous transformation for you & your entire family! Read through to the end & be thoroughly convinced!

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Why do many people stay awake at night or simply can’t sleep well?

Cortisol is released in response to fear or stress by the adrenal glands as part of the fight-or-flight mechanism. 

In normal amounts, cortisol is healthy & beneficial; it keeps up motivated & helps us to stay awake during the day & remain constantly aware of our surroundings which is part of the circadian rhythm.

The hormone Melatonin regulates sleep at night & is secreted by the human pineal gland, located in the center of the brain. Synthetic Melatonin was first isolated from bovine pineal gland in 1958. Supplements (available since the 1990s) are either synthetic human melatonin or “natural” from slaughtered cattle. Swallow the pineal gland from the center of a cow’s brain if you like. But why risk mad cow disease & bad karma when your own pineal gland secretes melatonin right into your bloodstream? So please do not purchase single nutrient pills. Your pineal gland produces ten times more melatonin at night than during the day & what’s leftover is excreted through your urine. 

Stress is a constant factor in modern life. The stress response in healthy organisms is aimed at maintaining the balance of biological functions, or homeostasis, when faced with physiological or psychological challenges, that may be real or even perceived.

When cortisol is constantly elevated, especially at night due to constant work load, domestic quarrels (advice: make peace with spouse or anyone you quarrelled with before sleep), late night movie binge, drinking caffeine-laden beverages like coffee & energy liquids etc, a host of negative consequences can occur, including sleep disorders, anxiety, fertility problems, hormonal imbalances, impairment in normal memory, cognitive function, & yes, weight gain. All these contribute to a decreased lifespan. 

Excess cortisol seen in the elderly population can have serious consequences in both the structural & functional integrity of various key areas in the brain, with consequent impairment in normal memory, cognitive function, & sleep cycles.

The wealth of the available evidence strongly suggests that chronic stress can accelerate aging.

Thus, high levels of cortisol are potentially damaging for tissues over time &, conversely, low levels might be indicative of healthy aging. 

Sleep Well With

Dr PPARs® 

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Sleeping Well means a healthier heart, controlled cortisol release, decreased risk of diseases, avoid accidents, increased energy,

hormonal balance, improves athletic performances, increase productivity & strengthening of the immune system.

Beware of imitations. Please look for Dr in front of Dr PPARs® with our Singapore NUH Medical Address

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60 Years History of Experience & Passionate Research & Development by a former NASA Microbiologist.

Dr PPARs® is Cultured in

  • Control Bioreactors

  • Pristine Sunshine

  • Acid-free rain

  • Spring-Water dug 2km underground

  • No industrial Activities in a 100km radius

  • No industrial Toxic Waste nor Smog

  • A Patented Harvest System that is second to none

Each harvest comes with a Certificate of Analysis to insure it’s free of toxins & contaminants!

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*Individual results may vary

Chlorophyll is the jade-toned pigment found in microalgae, fruits, veggies, & other plants. 

This awesome green molecule absorbs sunlight during photosynthesis & converts it to energy. It's been said to help with blood detoxification, reduces bad breath, reducing colostomy odor, wound healing, gut health, energy, improves vision & supports the immune system.

Chlorophyll has been shown to enhance the liver's natural ability to remove toxins & waste from the body. The ability of chlorophyll to bind & remove heavy metals such as arsenic, mercury & lead makes it a powerful tool for cleansing the body.

Chlorophyll consumption increases the number of red blood cells &, therefore, increases oxygen utilization by the body. 

Natural Chlorophyll from wholefoods contain magnesium atom in the center of the molecule. These magnesium atoms are extremely important for over 300 enzymatic reactions in the body. 

CAUTION: The synthetic or isolated version sold as tablets or liquid does not contain the magnesium atom but instead, is replaced with copper. Acute symptoms of copper poisoning by ingestion include vomiting, hematemesis (vomiting of blood), hypotension (low blood pressure), melena (black "tarry" feces), coma, jaundice (yellowish pigmentation of the skin), & gastrointestinal distress. Excess copper oxidizes brain cells that can lead to Alzheimer’s Disease or Dementia. Synthetic Chlorophyll is called Chlorophyllin, so be careful what you buy! 

Nearly 50% of people are Magnesium Deficient. If you are 
70 years old & above – It could be a whopping 70% deficiency!


Low amounts of magnesium have been linked to skin problems such as itchiness & redness. They also contribute to lower levels of fatty acids in the skin which can make the skin dry, increase inflammation & reduce its elasticity further. It will cause muscle cramps & irregular heartbeat. 

Magnesium is also important for the metabolism of Vitamin C, which helps boost your skin’s collagen production. Reduces the side effects of drugs. 

Being extremely high in antioxidants chlorophyll can help you reduce fine lines, wrinkles, oxidation, sun damage, & dark spots.

Our skin needs Vitamin A, C, E and K to keep looking healthy & radiant. Chlorophyll being high in all of these Vitamins can help nourish the skin with all the nutrients to make it look healthy & young.


It’s imperative to retain chlorophyll's central atom, magnesium. When you overcook greens, they turn into that weird grey color because the magnesium atom is replaced by hydrogen, thus losing its nutritive value & it’s not very healthy. This is where Dr PPARs® becomes so attractive!

Chlorophyll As A Prebiotic:

It is a gut-health Superstar. Chlorophyll supercharges the microbiome, helps with digestion by increasing the beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract. A prebiotic teaches your existing good bacteria ‘how to fish’, allowing them to flourish by multiplying. By giving your child a probiotic pill or sugar-filled liquid bottles, you’re merely providing extra probiotics & unwanted sugars without them (good bacteria) having to train or work for it. In time, the gut will be forgetful or lazy & become dependent on these outside help!

Scientists showed long ago that that chlorophyll is antimicrobial; kills bacteria. It kills strep & staph & harmful bacteria in the GI tract while maintaining healthy ones. Now how awesome is that?

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Dr PPARs® Magnesium /

Chlorophyll In Action

*Individual results may vary


This 3rd Generation Dr PPARs® also contains Whole Grapes  Concentrate. Grapes contain Flavonoids, Pterostilbene &  Resveratrol

Now here’s the good news, Natural NMN Nicotinamide Mono-Nucleotide from precursor Niacin B3, Resveratrol together with Pterostilbene, support cellular health by boosting & sustaining NAD+ in cells that will kick-start Mitochondrial Functions – The Organic Energy Production Units!

So what’s NAD+? It’s an acronym for Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide. It is the coenzyme form of Vitamin B3, Niacin.

Found in all living cells, NAD+ plays critical roles in cellular energy production like ATP & several signaling pathways like Sirtuins & PARP-1 involved in DNA Repair & Epigenetic Homeostasis!

Believe it or not, if NAD+ levels in your body drop to zero, you’d be dead in about 30 seconds.

NAD+ has been found to improve various parameters of health, including physical endurance & muscle strength & gene expression. 

As we get older, our NAD+ levels drop – by the time you’re 50, your NAD levels are about half what they were when you were 20.

Dr PPARs® contains the full spectrum of B Vitamins including Vitamin B3 in its most potent & natural form. Vitamin B3 or Niacin is the precursor element for NR Nicotinamide Riboside & NMN Nicotinamide Mono-Nucleotide, that in turn, are the raw materials for producing NAD+ in cells.

Remember this, everything we’ve said here doesn’t relate to simply buying isolated NMN boosters or resveratrol pills, No, No No! We do not advocate synthetic supplements or single nutrient markers because our body work in concert, the Whole is Stronger than the Sum of its Individual Components! Drugs or synthetic supplements, they’re here for certain reasons, not for ALL seasons!

You see functional intracellular NAD+ concentration not only depends of the bioavailability of vitamin B3 but critically relies on the functional form of vitamin B1, & to a lesser extent on that of vitamin B2, 6, & 9, & they are ALL found in a single Natural Superfood Source – Dr PPARs®!

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It is NOT a medicinal herb, drug, synthetic supplement or a single-nutrient pill. Dr PPARs® range is a whole food plant based diet with NO preservatives, binders or fillers. It’s the only Microscopic Algae produce awarded with an unprecedented Multi-Award Certification. GMP & Halal Certified!

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The Superfood Of ALL Superfood Has Arrived!
Highly Recommended by Dietitians & Nutritionists To Strengthen The Body’s Defence Mechanisms.

*Individual results may vary

Natural Ligands

Dr PPARs® contains High Levels of Natural Ligands that performs 2 important tasks:

Direct all micronutrients, phytochemicals & antioxidants in perfect ratios to the right organ tissues with pinpoint accuracy, & direct toxins out of the body without harming the vital organs!

This is a feature that is sorely lacking in most foods today.

If Metabolism means:

Conversion of food/fuel to energy to run cellular processes,
Conversion of food/fuel to building blocks for proteins, lipids, nucleic acids, & carbohydrates, &
Elimination of nitrogenous waste.

Then the Natural Ligands would be Master Regulators of these processes.

Whole Superfood VS Synthetic Supplements:

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You don’t eat nutrients – you eat food. Whole foods behave differently from their individual parts. Antioxidants from food are beneficial, but taking mega-doses of some synthetic antioxidants comes with risks like tumor growth. The nutrients in food work together in a process known as food synergy. In short, this means food is more powerful than the sum of its parts. That’s why it’s important to start with a nutrient-dense superfood like Dr PPARs®.

Is there a fear of consuming too much of Dr PPARs®?

Drugs, supplements & Chinese herbs have side effects because one is giving isolated ingredients in large therapeutic quantities to the body far in excess of what Nature intended it to receive, especially when taking too many at a time (Overdosing). On the other hand, whole food products like Dr PPARs® do not contain large therapeutic quantities of any one ingredient & hence, you do not have to worry about overdosing or contraindications with drugs & herbs . You do not go to a restaurant & tell your loved one that you will be eating 1 & a half portion of broccoli as dosage, do you? With veggies, you eat to your comfort level, but of course, everything in moderation as well. Dr PPARs® is a plant-based diet of the highest quality. Microscopic-algae have been considered to be the most researched plant-food source for its health benefits in the scientific community.

A superfood product is not a “magic pill” to see if it cures all your ills. Taking a superfood product is like changing the oil in your car—preventive maintenance. If your doctor told you to eat more fruits and vegetables, would you stop if you did not see a dramatic improvement in your health?


Serving Size:

Adullts / Teenagers - Gradual increase from 5 tbs/day to 15-30-60 tbs/day within a month.

Children - 4 to 12 yrs old: 2 to 3 tbs X 4.5kg body weight daily.

(Safety Feature: Dr PPARs® is plant source, not drugs, synthetic supplements or TCM Herbs).

Best 1 hr before meals with sufficient water, fruits & exercise too.

*Individual results may vary

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Why Is Megadosing On Isolated Synthetic Vitamins Dangerous?

Blind fixation upon one variable such as vitamin D in a blood test:
Vitamin D pulls calcium out of the tissues and locks it into the blood. Vitamin F pulls calcium out of the blood and into the tissues. The natural balance of vitamin D, vitamin F, and calcium allows proper regulation of blood and tissue calcium as determined by your body’s immediate needs (which vary during the day based on countless factors and stimuli). This balance allows for the healthy function of the nervous system, immune system (immune components are calcium based), and muscular system (muscular contraction is dependent upon just the right amount of calcium,not too much or too little).


Too much Vitamin D locks calcium into the blood and causes a thickening of the blood known as hypercalcemia. Hypercalcemia puts a tremendous amount of stress on the heart (which has to pump this thick sludge) and the kidneys (which have to filter this thick sludge). This combined stress upon the heart and kidneys can produce or contribute to almost any poor health symptom including fatigue, headache, back pain (kidneys are located in the back), anxiety, insomnia, urinary/reproductive/sexual problems, and anything else dependent upon a healthy heart and kidneys.

Additionally, when calcium becomes locked into the blood due to excess Vitamin D, the body tissues become low in calcium due to the excess of vitamin D relative to vitamin F. Lack of calcium in the tissue actually lowers immune response, creating muscular disorders such as pain and fatigue (calcium is needed for muscular contraction), and even contributing to anxiety and depression by depleting the nerves and brain of calcium.Also, remember that vitamin D is fat soluble, which means that the body does not easily excrete excessive amounts of it, but rather stores it in the fat tissue. As this happens over a period of time (in many cases years), the body begins to suffer from a toxic reaction to the vitamin D.

This is why some people initially feel a lot better when taking high doses of vitamin D, yet months or even years later begin to feel gradually worse.

Of course, they do not associate their bad feelings with the vitamin D, because it initially made them feel better. Many drugs work this way, & synthetic vitamin D3 is a drug made by drug companies.


Synthetic nutrients are made artificially in a laboratory setting or industrial 
process that have never seen sunshine or were grown from soil or water!

Dr PPARs® Contains More Vitamin D3 Than

Wild Salmon

Cod, Mackerel, Salmon, Herring, Krill, Plants get their abundance of fatty acids (Omega 3s) from Microalgae. Now you can get pure Omega 3s from Dr PPARs® without it being converted & diluted through fish or krill. Rid that nasty & fishy taste too.


Dr PPARs® is a whole, vegetarian food produce. It is not a fragment or a synthesized product. With Dr PPARs® there is no attempt to measure up or compare its nutrients to the Required Daily Allowances (RDA) suggested by the FDA. It is not a multi-vitamin, a mineral, an antioxidant, a protein, it’s not even a supplement per se; it is actually all of the above without chemical additives in perfect ratios.

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Prisoners Of Our Own Devices:
Our Fast & Junk Food Era is what we must fear most, not the coronavirus, most of us don’t understand the depth & breadth of the harm they cause. 

The Vaccine Effect:
Full vaccine efficacy requires a full set of immunological responses, starting with antigen recognition & presentation through to memory cell immortalization & antibody production, or priming of cellular responses.   
Hormone Imbalances: The higher the testosterone levels of a participant, the lower the immunological reaction to vaccination. Highest levels of the hormone had the lowest antibody response.

Micronutrient deficiency impairs the endocrine system that controls hormone distribution.

Lack of micronutrients have been described as the most common immunodeficiency issue globally, suggesting that they may not be able to respond effectively to vaccines. The immunology of malnutrition is associated with impairments in mucosal barrier integrity, innate + adaptive immune dysfunction & increased morbidity & mortality from infections! Malnourishment encompasses under- & over nutrition (obesity).

It has been recognized for many decades that infection & malnutrition overlap & interact.
Micronutrient Deficiency is More Deadly Than Covid-19: In the first 3 months of 2020, 1.8 million people globally had already died from cancer alone, & nobody even talked about it!

The problem with Covid is its lightning fast transmission! Let us dive a little deeper - A weakened Immune System via Nutritional Deficiencies allow viruses to adapt into virulent forms, escape detection & then invade cells to cause secondary diseases like pneumonia! 

Outside of personal hygiene, our Immune System is the only weapon against any form of virus attack, period! So it makes sense to protect & strengthen it more than ever! 

Dr. Michael Osterholm - Director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota issued a dire prediction in an interview with USA Today saying, “We need to confront the fact that there’s no magic bullet, short of a vaccine, that’s going to make this go away!
Before a safe & effective vaccine can be given, which might take a year or so, the virus will continue to spread until it is halted by herd immunity, which would kick in after 60 to 70% of the population has been infected. This darn virus is going to keep going until it infects everybody it possibly can!
It surely won’t slow down until it hits 60 to 70%!” he said. Herd Immunity stops the spread of a pathogen when enough of the population has immunity to cut off its ability to infect others!
What this means is we got to really work hard on strengthening the immune system. Remember this: Everything rises & falls with your Immune System when it comes to viral infections!

Virtually, all the time, your immune system is also recognizing cancer cells as “non-self” & are terminating them – the time that it doesn’t, is when we develop cancer!

Slide 19 1.jpg

Nutritional deficiency may lead to impairment of the endocrine gland function that controls hormone production! Hormones might also help provide women with a more effective defense. Did you know that? Some important immune cells have Estrogen Receptors but if you are taking pesticide-laced foods or drinks in plastic containers etc, fake estrogen will take over the natural ones causing immune defects! There are basically two ways to accumulate excess estrogen in the body: we either produce too much of it in our own bodies or acquire it externally from our environment.Stockpiling excess estrogen is not difficult, actually! And when we’re routinely exposed to chemicals that are known endocrine disruptors, they trick our bodies into allowing the xenoestrogens to act in place of our own estrogens.

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How Do We Take Enough Micronutrients From Dr PPARs® Vs Eating Main Meals?

Micronutrients like minerals, vitamins & phytochemicals from wholesome foods like veggies & fruits are very much needed on a daily basis but we have wrongly prioritized our foods since we were born – formula milk instead of breast milk, canned juices instead of real fruits.

Dr PPARs® has been recommended to truly fill that gap, that missing link to optimal health. Studies after studies have shown that caloric restriction, fasting or simply eating less could extend life. 

In a nutshell, micronutrients from a plant source are what we really need to live long, not macronutrients like carbs from white pasta, protein from GMO corn-fed cows, pigs, fish or chickens & fats from processed vegetable oils or saturated fats in meat.

Now here’s the deal, our recommendation is rather sensible by simply reducing meat or junk food intake & increasing the intake of Dr PPARs® tablets that is filled with a precious wide spectrum of micronutrients benefiting the entire body. Micronutrients are what we sorely lack in our daily diet.

Note: Dr PPARs® is NOT a medicinal herb, drug, synthetic supplement or a single-nutrient pill. It is a whole food plant based diet with NO preservatives, binders or fillers. So taking 20 tablets at a time before breakfast, lunch & dinner (totalling 60 a day) would beneficial. Remember, like I said, you’re consuming dietary food supplements, not chemically filled pills. You overdose on drugs & synthetic supplements. You do not overdose on vegetables like Dr PPARs® & with vegetables, you eat to your comfort level. Of course, everything in moderation.

It’s the only Microscopic Algae produce awarded with an unprecedented Multiple Health Certification. It’s GMP, AVA & Halal Certified too. 

Whether you’re a healthy individual or a patient with conditions – Dr PPARs® will be nutritionally beneficial Malnutrition leads to infections & diseases. To prevent this, you don’t take drugs, herbs or synthetic supplements; you take real food. The best form is micro-nutrition derived from Micro-Foods that uses the least energy to digest. 

If I’m already on prescription drugs, will I have side-effects when I ingest Dr PPARs®?

Because Dr PPARs® is NOT a drug, herb or isolated vitamin pill. It’s much safer & produces lesser or no side-effects. It is is a wholefood plant-based produce just like you would eat a plate of spinach. Look at it this way, if you’re already consuming ‘cooked-to-death’ vegetables from the food courts or from your own kitchen & then consume your medication without complaining about side-effects, then how is a plant-based produce like Dr PPARs® going to adversely affect your drug intake, especially with a time lapse of 1 to 2 hours? Noteworthy: If Dr PPARs® can positively impact patients’ health, then a normal person can sure as well consume it too. It’s a no-brainer. Kids-to-Elderly. Patients-to-Vegetarians. Heathy-or-Not = ALL will benefit from ingesting Dr PPARs®.

Why Is Taking Synthetic Vitamins Not Recommended?

Giving you Ascorbic Acid Vitamin C effervescence tablet is like handing you a steering wheel. Giving you an orange is giving you the car. 

While a steering wheel is a crucial component of a car, it will not drive you.

Ascorbic Acid Today Isn’t What You Think It Is. It Isn’t A Healthy Way Of Obtaining Vitamin C.

Wait a minute, you may be thinking. What about all the studies done by Linus Pauling & a multitude of other reputable researchers who have proven the health promoting benefits of Vitamin C & ascorbic acid?


Back in the 1930’s ascorbic acid was isolated out of little red peppers. The man who first performed this experiment was Dr Albert Szent-Gyorgyi who won a Nobel Prize for his work.


What he also found, which has mostly been ignored until recently, was that ascorbic acid was far more biologically available and active while it was still in the red pepper.

Slide 21a.jpg
SLide 21b.jpg

Today, almost ALL ascorbic acid vit C is derived from corn syrup, mix it with hydrochloric acid, not from green pepper! Are you getting it?

Did you know that nearly all citric acid is made through mold fermentation with GMO corn? Hope this is a wake-up call to everyone!

The National Dairy Council recommends taking o 1200mg of Calcium from milk or a pill a day.

How’s that working for us?

In reality, there is an epidemic of osteoporosis with a 7-fold increase in the last decade alone. Clearly something is wrong. If milk & calcium supplements were effective in stopping osteoporosis then a slowing down or even reversal of it should be evident rather than a 7-fold increase.

Research shows a 30% increase in heart attacks when taking a single nutrient marker of calcium every day.

Excessive calcium does not provide extra bone protection. In fact, if calcium from diet & supplements exceeds the tolerable upper limit, it could cause kidney stones, prostate cancer, constipation, calcium build-up in blood vessels, & impaired absorption of iron & zinc.


Our body is designed to digest & extract nutrients from real food, NOT from synthetic pills.
Scientists admit they've seen enough to understand that, like an orchestra (real food), the whole is far more beautiful, complex, & effective than the individual instruments (synthetic pills). Also, if there are too few or too many nutrients in the system, disharmony is often the result. 
Research showed that not only elevated synthetic β-Carotene supplements failed to prevent cancers, it actually increased the rate of cancers by 28%. Death rate from heart disease also increased by 17%. Megadoses of one or more isolated nutrients could interfere with the normal absorption / metabolism of other nutrients.
Whole foods often contain substances which naturally regulate each other. This lowers the chances of ingesting too much of a single nutrient. A particular substance in a food may be dangerous if taken in too high concentrations, but another substance may help neutralize excessive amounts which are
not used by the body. 

SLide 22a.jpg
Slide 22b.jpg
Slide 22 1.jpg
Slide 23a.jpg

Besides The All-Important Tablets - Dr PPARs® Comes With Concentrated Natural Ligands In Liquid Vials, Concentrated Powder & SoftGels.

The defining factor that is sorely lacking in most food is the term ‘Gene Activators’. They may contain enough nutrients but not enough or ‘Nutrient Handlers & Waste Managers’. Our brand of Microscopic-Algae significantly brings nutrient digestion, absorption, distribution & toxin elimination to a whole new level. This is the game changer in health where we are facing an onslaught of infectious & degenerative diseases like never before. 

Natural Ligands or Gene Activators = Logistics Department = Nutrient Handlers & Waste Managers

If you use the analogy that all metabolites are in envelopes with different addresses, & all are to be distributed to different destinations of the entire body. Each destination in the body has its own address that is displayed in multiple areas of each cell. The Gene Activators from Dr PPARs® would be the logistics department that will lock onto the receptor sites of cells, transferring instructions on the delivery of micro-nutrients in perfect ratios to the correct addresses (Tissues, Organs, Cells, DNA) within the systems & directing waste to be eliminated when necessary. 

The optimal combination of 10 components of Free Fatty Acids (The Natural Ligands) from our breed of premium Microalgae contains high levels of Gene Activators. They are the Master Regulators of Health – it is like installing a natural ‘GPS Guiding System’ in our body that control & direct the exact amount of nutrients needed throughout the entire body, maintaining proper functioning of its component cells, tissues, organs, & organ systems. Effectively achieving Homeostasis (Optimal Health). Hence, we will thrive even in a toxic environment. 

Give me the science behind what you mean above?

A ligand is also a gene activator, a molecule which produces a signal by binding to a site on a target protein or simply put, a switch to turn on genes to elicit a performance – example: lowering cholesterol/triglycerides, cell differentiation, balancing glucose, immune system modulation, nutrient handling, toxins, etc. There are Synthetic & Natural Ligands. Dr PPARs® contains Natural Ligands.

In molecular biology, humans have in their systems, ligand-activated Nuclear Hormone Receptors (NHRs) or a family of receptor proteins that operate in the cell nucleus as transcription factors (transfer of biological information), regulating the expression of genes.

In an extensive Phytotherapy Research, Dr PPARs® (Tablets, Powder & especially the concentrated form of Vials) was found to contain the highest levels of qualitative Natural Ligands (NLs) or Natural Gene Activators (LC-PUFAs) compared to all other leading brands of microalgae. The NLs activate the superfamily of receptor genes (NHRs), thus assisting to promote healthy inflammation response while maintaining strong cellular structure & activity in the joints, bones & throughout the entire organ systems. 

If you are a cancer patient & wants to know more about diet & nutrition, do drop us an email or contact us with information below. We have a team of Certified Dietitians / Nutritionists who can assist you in planning a healthier diet to combat the side-effects of chemo, radio or surgery.

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