The Pet Longevity Series @ Camden Medical

Franck Wong, International Wellness Speaker, Certified Nutritionist with a passionate team of health consultants, will walk you through this seminar with precious, useful information on nursing or strengthening your pets’ present health status. Complex, technical questions on diabetes, arthritis, cancer, skin allergies, etc, will be easily understood, all at your fingertips. Your mind will be Positively Stretched & your beloved companions will be “Battle-Ready”!

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For ALL Animals - At ALL Life Stages!

2 Reasons Are Enough To Make You Stand Up & Attend This Seminar For The sake Of Your Beloved Pets: 

1) More than 85% of registered dogs today do not make it to old age - & almost all die, or are put to sleep, because of disease.

2) It Is Every Pet Guardian's Wish Is To Have Their Pets Live Fur-Ever'!

Secrets To Highly Successful Aging Unveiled In This Must-Attend Pet Longevity Health Seminar! 

🐾Event Details:

➡️Date: 28th March 2020 Saturday 
➡️Time: 1:30pm to 4:30 pm 
➡️Venue: Camden Medical Centre #09-08, 1 Orchard Boulevard Singapore 248649.

Drive In From Orchard Spring Lane
Refreshments will be served. (Registration starts at 1:00 PM)

How to Reach Us:Tanglin Road Bus Stop: No 7, 36, 77, 105, 106, 123, 132, 174, 401, 402, 502.Grange Road Bus Stop: No 75, 77 105, 106, 111, 123, 132.Free shuttle service to Camden Medical Centre from Newton MRT Exit C (from Downtown Line), Bus Stop 40041. For bus schedules/map click here.

*This is a pet-free event. We seek your kind understanding & cooperation to refrain from bringing your pets, thank you so much!*

To ALL Pet Parents:

Pets are dying much earlier in the most painful & unnecessary circumstances! Why & How can we avert this disease epidemic?

From Epigenetics To Nutrigenomics! Endocrine Disruptors To Chemo & Radio!

From Kibble To Raw! & Cancer To Zoonosis!

Veteran Int’l Wellness Speaker Franck Wong & his team of Pet Consultants, Dietitians & Nutritionists will walk you through this seminar on the clear & present dangers facing our pet kingdom! With Real Answers & Solutions! It’ll be an eye-opener! 

Managing your pets’ health has never been this easily understood!

You’ll come face-to-face with The Multiple Awards Diet Developed by a former NASA Microbiologist! 

Because the best gift to our companions is adding more healthy years to them 🐩 🐶 🐈 🐱!

Event Highlights:

➡️ Pet Health Talk – Franck Wong, Certified Nutritionist

➡️ Charyle – Fitness Princess On Pet & Human Exercises

➡️ Q&A, Support & Discussion

➡️ Spin & WIN The Wheel Of Pawtune

➡️ Exclusive Promotions!

➡️ Pet Supplies Booth: Peachie Shares Her Treats & Furlentino

Other Health Topics: 
Steroids To Antibiotics, Feedlots To Grain-Fed Meat;
Man-Made Pollution To Synthetic Supplements;
The Soaring Rates Of Diseases Are Killing Our Beloved Kids!

Statistics show the life span of companion animals is now half of what it was in the 1950s & 1960s! Over 50% of dogs will develop some form of cancer, & more aggressively than in humans, along with diabetes, heatstroke, high cholesterol, skin allergies, gastrointestinal woes, etc. From chemo to radio to surgery, etc, how will our cancer-stricken companions withstand the side-effects and how do we prepare them? FeLv to UTI & other crippling infectious diseases, Obesity to Liver, Thyroid & Kidney failures, etc in cats.

We Have The Resource - With Easy-To-Grasp Answers To Complex Questions!

 ✅ The Ultimate BARF - PMR - Keto - Vegan Diet - Is There One? Does It Really Matter?
 ✅ Do You Want Clean Protein Fuel & Not Mystery Meat?
 ✅ Do You Sincerely Want To Prolong The Lives Of Your 'Furmily'?

If You Answered, "Yes!", Then Attending This Seminar Will Be Your Most Important Decision In 2019! Because Everything Is Natural & Unprocessed! Come & Be Empowered With A Huge Dose Of Useful Human-Grade / Species-Appropriate Pet Information! 


For Queries, Contact +65 9457 5347


Catastrophic Decline
In Lifespan Of Animals!

More than 85% of registered dogs today do not make it to old age - & almost all die, or are put to sleep, because of disease.

In the last decade alone: Obesity has risen 60%. Diabetes, a whopping 1200%.Worst of all - 1 in 2 Dogs & 1 in 3 Cats will get Cancer

For centuries, cats & dogs were only reaching their peak at 7 to 10.
Today, they’re lucky to be alive!

With all the best food preparations of today, from raw to freeze dried etc. etc, we’re being inundated by fancy ads daily promising renewed health & yet, our beloved companions are leaving planet earth quicker than we could say, “Help!” Well, it’s easy to utter, “Oh, that’s not going happen to my dog or cat!” No, No! When you’re holding your ‘gasping for his last breath’ pet in your loving arms, it’ll be a different & panic-stricken story altogether!

Human Grade – Species Appropriate – Planet Safe!

Because Talk Is Cheap - Watch What Satisfied Guardians Of The Pet Universe Are Saying!


The Numbers Don’t Lie - Come See For Yourself Many Other Testimonias!
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Sometimes, The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions!

Come on the 28th of December to be fully motivated for a sea-change in the health of your beloved pets! Healthy Or Sickened  – ALL WILL BENEFIT!

In The Seminar:

We Will Be Unleashing The Proud Recipient Of A Multiple Health Awards Program

Bless someone you know, bring them to The Camden Medical Health Seminar & get a huge dose of easy-to-understand health information that will make a difference in the health of your entire family.

Be Transformed By The Renewal Of The Mind!

Don't Miss This "Dig Your Well Before You Thirst” Seminar