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The Most-Attended Cancer Exclusive Forum @Camden Medical 2020

Strict Safety Measures shall be Implemented at our event venue.

Given the Covid-19, Coronavirus situation, Záře International Pte Ltd will take extra precautionary measures to ensure the safety of all our participants at our events.   

All patrons, including all crew members will have their temperatures taken first, before entering Camden Medical and once again at our event venue.  

We shall provide hand sanitizer at our event venue for our participants. All our crew members will put masks to minimise contact.  Facial masks will be provided upon request.  

A 1-metre separation between seats will be applied. 
All seats, tables, door knobs and other contact points at the event venue will be sanitized before and after the event. Sanitizing soap will be provided at restrooms for deep cleansing. 

We strongly advise participants who are ill to stay home and we will keep you posted on our next available event once you have recovered. 

We would like to reassure all participants that safety and health  of all our participants, crew and partners will be our top priority. Let’s work together elbow to elbow to flatten the curve and subdue this pandemic. Thank you for your kind understanding.


On Nutritional Science: 
Controlling Your Health Destiny
How To Age Slower While Maintaining  Full Mental & Physical Well-being!

One Of Asia's Most Prolific Health Speakers - Certified Nutritionist Franck Wong will dissect the current health landscape into layman's terms for you. Young or old, healthy or challenged, thousands have benefited from his wellness approach.

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The Most-Attended Cancer Exclusive Forum of 2019 thus far is Back @Camden Medical!

Limited Seats, Reserve Now(FREE)

Welcome to the World of Organic Living

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March is Kidney Cancer Awareness month.

There’s Only 1 Disease & That’s A Malfunctioning Celll! 

Cells Malfunction For Only 2 Reasons! 

Discover The Truth On The 28th

No Brainer Concept: If we're holding health talks for almost a decade now, there can only be 2 explanations for the continuity- either we're crazy or the health programs are effectively helping everyone, young or old, healthy or challenged!

It Is Not Just How Much You Can Eat; But How Much Your Body Can Excrete!


Did You Know?


Singapore has the highest number of cancer cases diagnosed in Southeast Asia & the rates are increasing every year!!


Singapore also has the highest proportion of young diabetics in Asia!!


Relapses: Most cancers that are going to come back will do so in the first 2 years or so after treatment. For most patients who are diagnosed in late stages, the rate of recurrence approaches 100%!!


When you’re a pre-diabetic – it means you’re also a candidate for cancer, HBP, stroke, heart attack, limb amputation, blindness, nerve damage, impotence, kidney failure!

For Those Who Care Enough To Make An Effort To This Cancer Seminar:

Reserve your seats now (FREE) – Bless someone, bring them along!

The K.E.Y. is Keep Educating Yourself!


Why Is Cancer The Number 1 Killer In Singapore next to Heart Attack?


This is 5 times more than deaths caused by accidents, violence & poisoning combined!


Breast Cancer For Women & Colo-rectal Cancer For Men Are Right At The Top!
Lung – Prostate – Stomach – Cervical – Skin – Thyroid – Kidneys – Lymphoid Neoplasms Etc!


​The rate of leukemia among children in Singapore has doubled in boys. In girls, the increase in rate over the 30-year period is about 80 %. Brain Tumor is next most common in children! Why?

​80% of Liver Cancer Occurs In Asia!


Realize It All At The Highly Anticipated Cancer Exclusive Forum at Camden Medical Centre!

Event Details:
➡ Date: 28th March 2020 (Saturday) 
➡ Time: 10am to 1pm 
➡ Venue: Camden Medical Centre #09-08, 1 Orchard Boulevard Singapore 248649.
Refreshments will be served. (Registration starts at 9:30 AM)

How to Reach Us:
Tanglin Road Bus Stop: No 7, 36, 77, 105, 106, 123, 132, 174, 401, 402, 502.
Grange Road Bus Stop: No 75, 77 105, 106, 111, 123, 132.
Free shuttle service to Camden Medical Centre from Newton MRT Exit C (from Downtown Line), Bus Stop 40041. For bus schedules/map click here.

If you have cancer or if you want to be empowered with the truth about cancer - This is a seminar not to be missed!


It doesn’t matter what kind of cancer because ALL tumors begin with damage to the DNA!


​Emotions run high when the word ‘cancer’ is mentioned, it’s a common diagnosis that has crept from nowhere to become Singapore’s No.1 killer next to heart attack!

Should your oncologist suspect cancer in you or your loved one, the first step is to obtain a definitive diagnosis, before developing a treatment plan with your oncologist, & an efficient diet plan with your Dietitian.


The journey can be one of uncertainty & one that’s loaded with questions! Join us to gather intensive knowledge & arm yourself with useful information on the root & biology of cancer.

🔥The Burning Questions:

✅ Why does cancer come back after remission? How can I prevent cancer recurrence?

✅ How to handle fear of relapses – Many patients develop severe & disabling fear that includes constant intrusive thoughts & misinterpretation of mild and unrelated symptoms.

✅ Someone I know has been diagnosed with cancer. Should he/she proceed with Chemotherapy / Radiotherapy? What happens if we did nothing?

✅ Is Cancer Genetic or Metabolic?

✅ What can I expect at the first appointment with an oncologist?

✅ What tests might they want to do? Is Mammography safe & effective?

✅ How shall I prepare my body for the tests (Biopsies/PET Scans/MRI)?

✅ What can I consume during the in-between-sessions of Chemo or Radio?

✅ What diet is good (Keto - Paleo - Vegan) for me before, during & after surgery?

✅ Is Fasting effective while fighting cancer? How should I fast & under what circumstances?

✅ What resources exist that can help me better understand my illness?

✅ Will the tumor spread? Is there a cure?

✅ I'm going for mammography, how should I prepare myself? Is it effective?

✅ What additional therapy is necessary to control regrowth or spread of the tumor?

✅ What treatment will my oncologist recommend? Why do you think it is best for me?

✅ What options do I have to subdue the side-effects of Chemo & Radiotherapy successfully?

✅ What is the best form of exercise, posture & breathing state while combating cancer?

✅ How should I prepare for my before, during & after surgery?

✅ What Are Epigenetics & Nutrtigenomics? How will they benefit my condition?

Get the full information on tumor histological appearance, tumor genetics, biological behaviors, molecular targets, & therapeutic responses.​


Bring your family members to this all-important seminar & be battle-ready!

Be Transformed By The Renewal Of The Mind!

For Queries, Contact +65 9457 5347


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