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The Award Winning Health Program

That Thousands Of Patients Benefitted From



Cancer & Diabetes are endemic killers. We should ALL know this by now.

Our health program also addresses:

  • weak joint & pain

  • cardiovascular diseases

  • neurological problems

  • infectious diseases

  • liver

  • thyroid

  • kidney problems

  • & many other health issues

Because your body does not work in isolation

The Multiple Health Awards Winning Program is singled out as the most potent nutritional
health ally of the 21st century to help people combat and prevent diseases.


We Are Clearly Ill-Prepared For This Onslaught

Despite advanced medical technology and numerous efforts taken by the health industry to prevent this worldwide epidemic, we are still continually faced with the risk of disease and illness.

A Leading Frontier In Health Management Tailored To Deliver The Promise Of True Health

Committed to providing the safest, most effective and least disruptive health management course to all, Záře International unveils an Award Winning Revolutionary Health Program tailored to transform your life by tackling all facets of disease and illness.

The Future In Wholesome Health Management

New Edge Of The Health Industry

Dr. Y.S. Chao - Once a senior researcher at Merck & Co, USA for 20 yrs & was involved in the development of lipid-lowering agents (Mevacor & Zocor) & licensing of Zetia from Schering Plough Pharmaceutical Company.

Dr Chao researched on the health system & said:

"We have published findings on this strain of natural plant-based program.
It contains significant levels of 'gene-switches' that may improve the body’s ability to regulate fats & sugar. This in turn has great implications for patients stricken with cancer & diabetes."

Backed by scientists, experts, professors, specialists & microbiologists!

The Záře Award Winning Health Program is developed by certified health professionals and experts including dietitians, educators, and nutritionists based on current health trends and latest scientific research and evidence. Our commitment to excellence and quality has earned us Multiple Health Awards and Certification status.

Efficacy Of Záře Award Winning Health Program -

  • High Success Rates of 75%

  • 70% of Participants see results within 2 weeks!

  • Reduces Risks By ~85% for certain chronic diseases

  • The Average Member may avoid ~$3,000 in projected medical spending etc over 5 years

  • 90% of Members experience an increase in quality of health & general wellbeing

High Engagement - With an unrivalled health management program and a collaborative team of certified health professionals and experts, we are dedicated to ensure participants remain committed and consistent in their performance over time.
As such, our engagement rates far exceed those of typical health programs.

World-Class Outstanding Experience &

Outstanding Clinical Outcomes

Read these real, life-changing success stories from real people.

Virginia Lau, 75
Member since Febuary 2014

My husband was suffering from Stage 3 colon cancer. I introduced him to take this health course. After a few months, the cancer marker gone down from 80 to 50!  From the last check-up I went, the doctor said there is no sign of cancer in all the organs — all his cancer is gone! 

Josefa, 57
Member since May 2015

After introducing Záře Health Program to my sister who has breast metastatic cancer, her health has been steadily improving. Doctors said there was no hope. But now, surprisingly she is able to open her eyes, walk and talk and even move about freely! I saw for myself how this health program has truly helped her!

Lim An Nap, 37
Member since August 2016

My constipation problem has stopped and my blood pressure improved tremendously. The most amazing part is that my skin became so smooth!

Mdm Teo, 48
Member since January 2016

I realized that my high blood pressure has gone down very quickly and I feel fresh daily. I hardly fall sick and I feel very energetic all day; I don’t get tired easily! This health program is really wonderful.

5   WAYS



Effective Pain Management & Disease Modulation

  • The program will take you through a journey of ‘know-hows’, ‘to-dos‘ and ’not-to-dos‘.

  • Overcome side-effects from drugs, radiotherapy.

  • Our pre-screenings, pre-diagnosis and pre-surgery preparation program can significantly increase your chances of medical success.

A Non-Invasive High-Tech Health Diagnostics System To Analyze & Track Your Health Performance

  • ​Comprehensive examination of the human body.

  • Determines the current health of your biological organs, and predict their future wellbeing.

  • Early detection: uncovers the onset of chronic diseases and health conditions, which can assist in early treatment and management.

  • Provides complete health reports in the most engaging, practical and scalable way possible.


Full-Time Ongoing Health Support & Maintenance

  • ​Regular one-on- one consultation with certified health professionals and experts.

  • Monitor your health progress, advice and feedback.

  • Online support and care group for further assistance and evaluation.

  • Receive weekly health information from newsletters and text messages plus community support via our social media and website‘s membership page.



Workshops & Seminars To Boost Your Odds Against Diseases

  • Customized workshops and seminars designed to help you develop and maintain proper lifestyle habits while empowering you to reach your healthiest potential.

  • Range from private consultations to full day events that cover a variety of health topics, exercises and activities in group settings.

  • Monthly health symposiums that deliver solid answers to the root of NCDs and other health problems.


Learn From Our Nutritional Experts

  • Our team of highly professional and qualified Dietitians and Nutritionists have created a series of interactive modules and classes that impart credible, practical knowledge on the food and nutritio landscape.

  • Classes cover a wide range of topics such as healthy eating, dieting, fasting, juicing as well as physical fitness, healthy weight management to ensure a long, happy and healthy life.

Our Wellness Approach

We believe YOU are the Doctors Of Your Own Future. We dissect current health trends and touch lives around the world by reprogramming the body and the common health mentalities of people to create a resurgence of youth and an effective, easy-to-follow health regiment. Our approach is simple: Manage the patient with the disease first, not the disease of the patient!

The Záře Award Winning Health Program does not strife with existing health programs or treatments. On the other hand, it is intended to improve and enhance standard treatments and prescriptions, particularly in diseases like cancer and diabetes. In fact, our health program is designed to overcome pain, symptoms and side effects and ensure the effectiveness of drugs, medication and standard medical procedures and treatments.
As many individuals with cancer or diabetes have additional health issues, this program will be useful for them as it is tailored to facilitate them with the skills and knowledge to manage their health and wellbeing, as well as maintain an active lifestyle.

Disclaimer: Information regarding Záře Award Winning Health Program is not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease & is not a substitute for advice from your health care professional.

The Power Of Optimum Health Is In Your Hands

Begin Your Path Towards An Extraordinary Health Transformation Today

Join Us And Be A Part Of The150,000 Member Strong Community!

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