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Camden Medical Pet Health Forum 2024

( 1 on 1 Consultation)

Unlocking The Secrets To Highly Successful Aging & Disease Resistant Pets!

Pets change our lives.

Our responsibility is to help them achieve optimal health & longevity.

What You'll Learn


Overcoming Cancer

How this award winning program will organically boost your pet’s immunity thereby....

reducing 99% of side-effects from chemo- radiotherapy & surgery.

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Less Trips to the Vets?

Yes, of course! Nutrition may not be able to cure all that ails our pets or remove all risks of diseases but it is the single most important part of the on going treatments of sick animals.

* Better sugar & fats control 
* ⁠Stronger Bones & Joints 
* ⁠Radiant skin & coat 
* ⁠Improve cognitive functions 
* ⁠Increase stamina, strength & speed



Catastrophic decline in lifespan of animals! Find out why Diabetes has risen to a whopping 1200% in pets & why 85% of registered dog today do not make it to old age & almost all die or are put to "sleep" because of disease. 

Learn why glucose never really left the pets body during medication & how to prevent this crisis.

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Full Spectrum Longevity Hacks

Discover how our multiple award winning health program helped thousands of pets obtain optimum health. 

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What You Should Do?

Don’t hesitate, make the appointment with our consultant!

Meet Our Adviser

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Franck Wong

International Wellness Speaker, Certified Nutritionist with a passionate team of health consultants, will walk you through this seminar with precious, useful information on nursing or strengthening your pets’ present health status.

Complex, technical questions on diabetes, arthritis, cancer, skin allergies, etc, will be easily understood, all at your fingertips. Your mind will be Positively Stretched & your beloved companions will be “Battle-Ready”!

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Talk is Cheap - Watch what our satisfied guardians
of the pet universe are saying!

The Numbers Don't Lie

Come See For Yourself Many Other Testimonials!

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Be Transformed By The Renewal Of The Mind!

Don't miss this "Dig your well before you thirst"
1-ON-1 Pet Health Consultation!


For centuries, cats & dogs were only reaching their peak at 7 to 10.
Today, they’re lucky to be alive!

With all the best food preparations of today, from raw to freeze dried etc. etc, we’re being inundated by fancy ads daily promising renewed health & yet, our beloved companions are leaving planet earth quicker than we could say, “Help!” Well, it’s easy to utter, “Oh, that’s not going happen to my dog or cat!” No, No! When you’re holding your ‘gasping for his last breath’ pet in your loving arms, it’ll be a different & panic-stricken story altogether!

 A New Warrior Health System Is Urgently Needed To Address This Health Crisis!

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