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The Pet Cancer & Infection Forum @Camden Medical


Catastrophic Decline In Lifespan of Animals!

Strict safety measures shall be implemented at our event venue.

Given the Covid-19, Coronavirus situation, Záře International Pte Ltd will take extra precautionary measures to ensure the safety of all our participants at our events.   

All patrons, including all crew members will have their temperatures taken first, before entering Camden Medical and once again at our event venue.  

We shall provide hand sanitizer at our event venue for our participants. 

All our crew members will don masks to minimise contact.  

Facial masks will be provided upon request.  

All seats, tables, door knobs and other contact points at the event venue will be sanitized before and after the event. Sanitizing soap will be provided at restrooms for deep cleansing. 

We strongly advise participants who are ill to stay home and we will keep you posted on our next available event once you have recovered. 

We would like to reassure all participants that safety and health  of all our participants, crew and partners will be our top priority. Let’s work together elbow to elbow to flatten the curve and subdue this pandemic. 

Thank you for your kind understanding

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Franck Wong, International Wellness Speaker, Certified Nutritionist with a passionate team of health consultants, will walk you through this seminar with precious, useful information on nursing or strengthening your pets’ present health status. Complex, technical questions on cancer easily understood, all at your fingertips. Your mind will be Positively Stretched & your beloved companions will be “Battle-Ready”!

Catastrophic Decline In Lifespan Of Animals!

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Did you know that Cancer is the primary cause of death in dogs & cats over 2 yrs old? Animals have 35x more Skin Cancer, 4x more Breast Cancer, 8x more Bone Cancer & 2x more Leukemia than in humans & they’re more aggressive!

With ALL The Advances In Science & Purportedly, The Best Diets, Why Are Our Pets Facing Such A Horrible Crisis?

Let's Go Upstream With Our Analyst, Franck Wong

 ~ Define The Problem & Not The Symptoms ~

We understand how devastating it can be to get a diagnosis of cancer in your pet. However, delving into the mechanisms behind cancer development early can radically & positively change the health status of your beloved pets!

Be Empowered & Battle-Ready

  • Best Diet Approach (Avoiding Steroids, Bad Proteins & Antibiotics In Meat)

  • Keto – Paleo – Vegan Diet : Which Is Suitable For My Pet?

  • Are Some Types Of Cancers More Treatable Than Others?

  • I Was Told To Avoid Meat For My Pet With Cancer, But How About Protein Necessity?

  • Serious Mistakes That Cause Cancer Cells To Multiply

  • Adding More Years To Spend With Your Best Friends

  • Prolonged Use Of Some Drugs May Interfere With insulin & Lead To Diabetes Mellitus In Your Pets. How Can We Counter This?

  • Side-Effects From Drugs Are Killing Pets Before They Even Work. Why?

It Doesn't Matter What Cancers; Lymphoma, Mast Cell Tumors, Melanoma, Bone, Hemangiosarcoma, Lung, Colon, Brain, etc.                 

Because All Cancers Begin With Damage To The DNA Or Mitochondria Decay!


Human Grade – Species Appropriate – Planet Safe!

Real Honest Results:

"Stuffs I learned & applied through this seminar are incredible, my pet Tigger’s cancer condition has been better managed ever since, she is doing so well now, wounds healed so fast & the vet encouraged me to not give up on her too!" - Delphina Teo

"My cat has much more energy & is not fatigued & resting most of the time, his fur is a lot more nicer & softer cuz previously, when he was found as a stray cat, he was suffering from a skin condition!" - Vanessa

"This seminar opens up my eyes wider & managing my cancer-stricken dog has never been more timely with the information I gathered! Appetite improved, more mobile, he even barks at our other 2 dogs which is a clear sign of improvement!" - My Linh

"Due to old age, my 14 yr old “Girl-Girl”, a Golden Retriever, was suffering from issues like Arthritis, hard time waking up in the morning & she even needs us to help her to the toilet. But after the program, she became more active, & she even welcomed us at the gate, a gesture that she has not been doing for some time actually! Her appetite has improved too, we’re confident this system would benefit other dogs 🐕 as well!" - Alyssa

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In The Seminar:

We Will Be Unleashing The Proud Recipient Of A Multiple Health Awards Program

Don't Miss This "Dig Your Well Before You Thirst” Seminar


Bless someone you know, bring them to The Camden Medical Health Seminar & get a huge dose of easy-to-understand health information that will make a difference in the health of your entire family.

Be Transformed1.png

Be Transformed By The Renewal Of The Mind!

6 Reasons Why You Should Attend The Pet Cancer Series Seminar:

1) Cancer is the primary cause of death in dogs & cats over 2 yrs old!
2) Obesity in Animals Cats & Dogs has risen to double digits at 60%?
3) By the time you see swelling, lumps or tumours, feel fluid in the abdomen or the dog stops feeding, most of the time, it's already too late, the cancer has spread!
4) Animals have 35x more Skin Cancer, 4x more Breast Cancer, 8x more Bone Cancer & 2x more Leukemia than in humans & they’re more aggressive!
5) Treatment can cost $2,000 or more a month for tests, surgery, chemotherapy & medication! 
6) Cancer in young Pets is increasing & a genuine health crisis!

This Pet Forum Is For ALL Animals – Dogs/Cats/Rabbits/Fish/Horses/Hamsters, Etc.

Back By Popular Demand Pet Cancer Series Seminar!

🐾Event Details:

➡️Date: 27th March 2021 Saturday 
➡️Time: 1:30pm to 4:30 pm 
➡️Venue: Camden Medical Centre #09-08, 1 Orchard Boulevard Singapore 248649.

Drive In From Orchard Spring Lane
Refreshments will be served. (Registration starts at 1:00 PM)

How to Reach Us:Tanglin Road Bus Stop: No 7, 36, 77, 105, 106, 123, 132, 174, 401, 402, 502.Grange Road Bus Stop: No 75, 77 105, 106, 111, 123, 132.

Kindly take note that this a Pet-Free seminar as the talk is held in a hospital.

(Reserve Your Seats Now - FREE)

Emotions run high when we humans hear the word cancer. Should your oncologist suspect cancer in your loved one, the first step is to obtain a definitive diagnosis, before developing a treatment plan with your oncologist, & an efficient diet plan with your Dietitian.

The journey can be one of uncertainty & one that’s loaded with questions! Join us to gather intensive knowledge & arm yourself with useful information on the root & biology of cancer:

Did you know?

Dogs Have The Highest Rates Of Cancer Of Any Mammal On Planet Earth - PhDs
50 yrs ago, cancer rates were about 1 in 100 dogs. Today it’s 1 in 2 & 1 in 3 for cats.

We are seeing cancer in younger & younger animals!

🔥The Burning Questions:
✔ Is Cancer In Pets Genetic Or Metabolic? 
✔ I’m at a crossroads, friends told me to go for Chemotherapy but some said otherwise. What if I do nothing?
✔ When should I get a second opinion?
✔ What should I bring with me to that first appointment with my oncologist?
✔ What can I expect at a first appointment with an oncologist? What tests might they want to do?
✔ What should I ask the oncologist when I see him/her?
✔ How do dogs/cats typically respond to treatment? What should I expect?
✔ What resources exist that might help me further understand my pet’s illness?
✔ What does an oncologist do that my own local vet can’t do?
✔ Will this grow back? Will this tumor spread? Is there a cure?
✔ What additional therapy is necessary to control regrowth or spread of the tumor?
✔ What can I do to help make my pet feel better for as long as possible? 
✔ Will they react like humans do to chemotherapy treatments?
✔ Are there breeds of dogs/cats that are more likely to get cancer?
✔ How can I help my pet through cancer related therapy?
✔ Is my pet’s quality of life going to go down during treatment? 
✔ What are the best forms of palliative & definitive care?
✔ What should I do for my pet during the in between sessions of Chemo Or Radio?
✔ How can I assist my pet to manage the Side-Effects of Chemo/Radiotherapy Successfully?

Get the full information on tumor histological appearance, tumor genetics, biological behavior, molecular targets, & therapeutic response. 

When it comes to cancer – time is not a friend! 
Stand up for your Pets’ Health! 🐩 🐶 🐈 🐱 Book Your Seats Now!

Event Highlights: 
> Pet Health Talk – Franck Wong, Certified Nutritionist
> Charyle – Fitness Princess On Pet & Human Exercises
> Q&A, Support & Discussion
> Spin & WIN The Wheel Of Pawtune! 
> Exclusive Promotions

For Queries, Contact +65 9457 5347

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Disclaimer: The presentation in this seminar provides general information through a range of health topics only for educational and informational purposes as part of a general discussion of public health. The content does not include medical advice, professional diagnosis, opinion, treatment or services to you or any other individual and is not a substitute for medical or professional care. Do not use the this information in place of a visit, consultation, or advise of your licensed healthcare provider.

Never disregard medical or professional advice, or delay seeking it, because of something you hear or view in this upcoming presentation. Please ask your physician or other healthcare provider to assist in understanding any information that you may learn from this presentation or other services.

NOTICE: Záře International Pte Ltd Management will not accept responsibility for the loss of health, loss or damage to any personal belongings left unattended at our event venue at Camden Medical #09-08.

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